7 Cool Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys
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7 Cool Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys

7 Cool Gifts for Teenage Guys

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but teenage guys aren’t really a talkative bunch. So, when it comes time to ask them what they want for Christmas, the conversation usually goes something like this: 

Us: What would you like for Christmas?

Teenage Guy: Uh, money.

Us: Okay, what else? 

Teenage Guy: Maybe some gift cards.

Us: Is there anything else you want? Like, something you can unwrap?

Teenage Guy: No, not really.

Us: *Internally Screaming*

If you’ve ever been in this situation before, we know exactly how frustrating it can be. Who wants to watch a teenage guy unwrap nothing but gift card boxes and Christmas cards with money inside? We can answer that: Literally, no one.

To help make shopping for the teenage boy in your life a little easier this year, we’ve rounded up a list of cool gifts for teenage guys that they’re guaranteed to love. Scroll on for seven wow-worthy gifts below, none of which involve boring gift cards or Christmas cards stuffed with money.

Best Holiday Gifts for Teenage Guys from Southern Tide

1. A Cool Pair of Wireless Headphones

A nice pair of headphones will always top the list of cool gifts for teenage guys, and for good reason. Not only are they a practical and stylish gift for teenage guys, the noise cancellation is sure to come in handy for future study sessions at college. 

And with the superior sound quality of a nice pair, he’ll be able to listen to the aggressive beats and guttural screaming of his death metal music in all its disturbing glory. Pretty sweet, right? 

But seriously, he’ll absolutely love getting these as a gift for Christmas. Who knows? It might even make up for last year, when you got drunk off too much wine and thought he’d just adore those Corgi Christmas socks (Spoiler alert: he didn’t).  

2. An Unbelievably Cozy Pajama Set

Teenage boys have mastered the art of sleeping. They can sleep for so long that many of us have been convinced that they must have fallen into some sort of coma.

Although it may seem excessive, teen boys really do need the extra ZZZs. Why not give him a comfortable pair of men’s lounge pants to help him stay warm and cozy? These pajama pants are both ridiculously soft and serve as a big upgrade from those old shorts of his that you’ve been meaning to throw away for ages. 

Don’t forget to get him a men’s graphic t-shirt to replace his ratty t-shirt that is full of holes and stains. He’ll thank you a million times over when his crush comes over for movie night and doesn’t cringe at his tattered sleepwear.

3. His Very Own Netflix Account

Is the teenage guy in your life headed off to college soon? With Netflix potentially gearing up to prevent password sharing (*cue pearl clutching by us Netflix moochers*), it might be a good idea to get him his own Netflix account. 

With his own account, he can watch trending shows like Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy in his dorm room with his buddies. Plus, it will give him some much-needed privacy for when he feels like browsing the “Steamy Foreign Thrillers” category. Oh, don’t give us that look. You know he’s seen a lot worse.

If the idea of him potentially watching erotically-charged films on Netflix makes you a teensy bit uncomfortable, we’ve got a backup idea for your soon-to-be college student. Just check out our list of Gifts for College Guys and get him something that won’t raise your blood pressure more than necessary.

Great Christmas Gifts for Teenage Guys from Southern Tide

4. A Versatile Polo Shirt

Let’s face it, giving a teenage boy clothing for Christmas can be a recipe for disaster (see above for what we’re dubbing the Corgi Sock Christmas Fiasco of 2018). If you want to skip all the annoyed eyerolls and fake enthusiasm this year, pick up a classic men’s polo shirt that he’ll actually want to wear.

Why will a polo shirt be received differently than your Corgi sock gift? Besides the obvious reasons, a polo shirt will give him the effortless swagger and style that every teenage boy secretly wants. He can wear it with blue jeans for a casual vibe or pair it with khaki pants and boat shoes for a classic date night look that will have the ladies chasing HIM–not the other way around. 

Maybe we’re hyping up the polo shirt a little, but it’s truly one of those classic garments that no man—or teenage boy—can go without. Pick one up for him (and all the men in your life) and you can finally give him the gift of better style this year.

5. A Comfortable Yet Stylish Pullover

Does the teenage guy you’re shopping for have a girlfriend? If so, then we’re guessing his wardrobe is in short supply of hoodies.

To replenish the ones his girlfriend has endearingly stolen from him, why not buy some men’s pullovers and hoodies that will keep him warm and stylish? Consider getting him both a hoodie (to replace his old one) and a new pullover that he can layer over a button down shirt in the winter for extra style points.

Besides, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade his style and get him something that will make him look cool and stylish in college. His girlfriend can keep his old X-Men hoodie that he’s outgrown. He definitely won’t miss it once he’s got yours to boost his style–and his ego.

Cool Gifts for Teeange Boys from Southern Tide

6. A Smart Sound Speaker to Serve His Music Needs

If you want to be the best parent/aunt/sister ever, get him a voice-activated portable speaker that will serve all his music needs and so much more. This high-tech speaker will allow him to stream all his favorite music, radio and podcasts straight from his mobile apps.

These devices also have the Google Assistant built-in, so he and his friends can ask Siri to resolve heated disputes (arguably, the most common use of Siri) and answer all the inappropriate questions that only teenage boys would ever think to ask. 

A quick pro-tip for all you parents: Don’t monitor his Siri conversations. Not even 10 hours straight of kitten videos will serve as enough eye bleach to erase what you’ve seen in his conversation history.

The Real Secret to Finding Cool Gifts for Teenage Guys

If you want to make gift shopping for teenage guys a lot easier this year, look for something that’s rooted in practicality. What can you envision him using regularly both now and in the future?

Whether you’re looking for memorable Christmas stocking stuffer gifts or cool gifts for teenage guys, these gifts are sure to make even the moodiest of teenage boys absolutely light up with joy–and that’s saying something.


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