Holiday Party Outfits You'll Actually Wear in 2020

Though you won’t be getting dolled up for a night at the Nutcracker or sporting an ugly Christmas sweater to your office party like in years past, there will still be plenty of opportunities to get festive this holiday season. Thanks to our good friend COVID, our get-togethers are going to look a bit different this year— and so will the holiday party outfits we wear to them.


 A woman with a Christmas wreath wearing the Marlena Plaid Wrap Top from Southern Tide.



After spending the majority of 2020 in stretchy pants, it’s safe to assume that most holiday parties will be quite casual this year. With that being said, you probably don’t have many excuses to get dressed up these days, so don’t be afraid to overdress! Who doesn’t love being the best dressed at the party? 


Regardless of whether you’re celebrating at home with your sweetie, curling up on the couch with the family, or toasting with your coworkers over Zoom, you can still celebrate the holidays in style. Here are five holiday party outfits fit for 2020 occasions!


With these 5 holiday party outfits, you can celebrate the season in style— even over Zoom!


Company Holiday Party over Zoom

What to Wear: Blouse, jeans, and festive accessories

If you’re celebrating this holiday season over Zoom, focus on the upper half of your outfit. Start with a basic blouse in a subtle holiday shade like wine red or pine green. While classic red and green can wash you out, these jewel tones flatter you skintone on camera


Ditch the cliché ugly Christmas sweater and stick to festive accessories— like a Santa hat, reindeer antlers, or a necklace of Christmas lights— instead. Your quirky accessories will stand out on-camera, and you won’t have to spend money on a sweater you won’t wear again.


Outdoor Gatherings

What to wear: Cozy jacket, winter accessories, and warm layers

If you are attending a socially-distanced outdoor event this Christmas season, you’ll need an outfit that’s cute and practical. With a stylish winter jacket and winter accessories, you’ll stay nice and toasty— and avoid the embarrassment of needing to leave early because you dressed incorrectly.


Start with a warm bottom layer, like a pair of jeans and a fitted sweater or quarter-zip pullover.  Next, layer on a fashionable winter coat, like a long wool coat, puffer jacket or peacoat. Top off the look with winter accessories like a beanie, scarf, earmuffs, or mittens, and don’t forget your cozy socks too!


A man and a woman wearing Southern Tide warm layers and sitting outside with their dog.


Holiday Morning Festivities 

What to wear: Matching pajamas

Whether you’re decorating alone, with your sweetheart, or with the entire family via Zoom, you can’t go wrong with a pair of festive pajamas. To add even more holiday cheer, have everyone wear matching Christmas pj’s. Your coordinating outfits will make for great holiday photos!


A man and a woman wearing Southern Tide graphic tees and lounge pants making breakfast together.


Casual Dinner Party

What to wear: T-shirt dress and denim jacket

For a casual holiday party outfit, go with the classic pairing of t-shirt dress and denim jacket. Wearing a dress will instantly make you feel a bit fancier, but you’ll still be super comfortable— even after that second slice of pie.


A looser fitting t-shirt dress is the perfect way to hide your Thanksgiving food baby or the few pounds you gained during your bread-making phase of quarantine. To keep things a bit festive, go for a dress in a classic red or green. Add a denim jacket, and finish the look with ankle boots and your favorite accessories.


Christmas Lights Tour

What to wear: Casual button-up and joggers

Without classic Christmastime activities like ice skating and sitting on Santa’s lap, your family might have a harder time getting into the holiday spirit. This year, turn your car into a holiday party and hunt for the best Christmas lights around town. It’s incredible what Christmas carols and a few cups of hot cocoa can do to lift your spirits! 


Since you’ll be staying inside the warmth of your car, avoid wearing anything bulky that you might overheat in. Stick to easy, comfortable clothing like a casual button-up and a pair of joggers. Choose a shirt with a festive plaid print in case of car selfies! 


Cocktail Party

What to wear: Fancy dress and matching face mask

If you haven’t gotten many chances to wear real clothes in 2020, why not go all out with your holiday party outfits? Dig that dress you’ve been dying to wear out of your closet, and take a moment to celebrate the simple joy of getting dressed up.


If you’re attending a public event or a larger party this year, you’ll likely be asked to wear a face mask. Instead of ruining your outfit with a boring medical mask, think of your mask as another accessory. Choose a cloth mask with a festive color or print that compliments your outfit. Keep all eyes on you by adding a necklace and earrings too!


When it comes to your dress, stick to a simple silhouette and color, and let your accessories do all the talking. A little black dress is always a safe bet!



No matter what kind of holiday gathering you’re headed to this year, with these holiday party outfits you’re sure to be the best dressed. From all of us here at Southern Tide, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!