Reclaim the Tide: A Sustainability Movement
About Southern Tide

Reclaim the Tide: A Sustainability Movement

To us, the tide represents much more than the natural ebb and flow of our ocean – it embodies the ever-changing world that we live in. Each year, billions of pounds of trash and other pollutants enter the ocean – with those numbers changing every single day. That’s why our mission to Reclaim the Tide begins with more responsibly-sourced organic and recycled materials that will help to reduce our footprint, in addition to shaping a more sustainable supply chain.

Men's New Organic Skipjack Polo in Light Pink

Our Mission Starts Here

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Here at Southern Tide, we’re on a mission to Reclaim the Tide one product at a time – and we don’t just mean the final product delivered to your doorstep. It starts with the material, makes its way through manufacturing and various modes of transportation, then ideally lives a long, adventurous life when it’s stylishly worn by you.

Built to Last

The average life of a textile product is 1 - 3 years, and while some will find a second life through donation or consignment, many are likely to sit in landfills for upwards of 200 years before they fully decompose. Which begs the question - how can we reduce this substantial environmental impact?

For us, it starts with thoughtful design: the quality, the versatility and the intentionality. Every product we craft is with these 3 pillars in mind - whether a material, a finishing detail, a fit or function – so that our products are built with purpose and built to last.

longer product lifecycle

“Best polo on the planet! Very comfortable and keeps its shape. Still own the first one I bought 10 years ago”

– Craig L.  |  Skipjack Polo Shirt

“…getting rid of my first pair after using them for 5 years. The heels lost their soles since I wear them 70% of the time throughout the year.”

– Sandon  |  Men's Caramel Flipjacks

Built Better (for you and our planet)

Our clothing designs are constantly evolving to utilize the most sustainable materials all while maintaining the quality and pricing standards our loyal customers expect from us. Striking a balance isn’t always easy, but here at Southern Tide, we rarely shy away from a challenge.

Crafting clothes that are built to last, easy to wash and effortless to wear is a solid step to reducing environmental impact, but additionally sourcing a higher percentage of eco-friendly fabric and materials takes these efforts to the next level.

Organic Cotton

  • Certified Organic Cotton

  • Organic Cotton is grown without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

  • Uses less water to grow.

Started with the polo, now we’re here – giving our OG, tried-and-true Skipjack Polo an eco-friendly upgrade with certified organic cotton. We kept all the classic features you can’t live without, but crafted this one from fabric that’s just as good for you as it is for our planet.

Men's Driver Stripe Performance Polo Shirt

Recycled Nylon & Polyester

1. 100% Post-Consumer Recycled. GRS Certified.
2. Recycled nylon fibers are made from discarded industrial fishing nylon nets or waste filament nylon.
3. Use of recycled nylon reduces our dependency on petroleum as a source of raw materials.
4. while reducing air water and soil pollution.

Beat the heat and save the planet in one fell swoop with our newly updated Driver Performance Polo – now made from 94% Certified Recycled Polyester (and 6% Spandex because comfort stretch).

Men's Recycled Cocotex Swim Trunks

Coconut Husks

  • Upcycled Coconut Fibers 

  • Fast Drying

  • Odor Resistant

  • UV Protection

If you're looking for a swim trunk that's as much of a good time as it is good for the planet, then look no further. Made with recycled materials and just enough stretch for comfort, our newest men’s and youth swim trunks are ready for a getaway.

A Journey of Progress, Not Perfection

Understanding begins with transparency - and providing our community with an authentic shopping experience is something we deeply value. We’ve made some exciting progress with our 2022 collections, but this is only the beginning as we march onward and upward to future goals.

1st Half of 2022 Made with Sustainable Fibers # of styles % of units
Mens 147 21.2%
Youth 33 23.94%
Womens 2 0.94%
Total 182 17.7%

Packaging: (100% post-consumer recycled by 2023)

In addition to our product line, we’ve eliminated 600k pieces of tissue paper annually. All polybags, tissue & sport shirt packaging trims are 100% post-consumer recycled quality. By 2023 we will be fully shift all hangtags & woven garment labels to 100% post-consumer recycled qualities.

Partners: (other ways we’re helping our people and our planet)

What we do is important, but who we choose to work with is a vital component in amplifying our environmental impact. We pride ourselves on partnering with certified, eco-friendly suppliers that work with the same initiatives in mind to prioritize sustainability.

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