Sorority Recruitment Outfits

Picking outfits for sorority rush should be considered an Olympic sport. Seriously, you’re stressed to the gills about making a good impression and have the monumental task of choosing what feels like dozens of stylish outfits that match the dress code of each sorority round. On top of all this, you still need to make room in your closet for all your casual outfits, shoes, accessories and, of course, collegiate tailgate attire—because team spirit, y’all.

So, tell us that picking sorority recruitment outfits doesn’t at least deserve to rank above the Olympic sport of racewalking (yep, that’s an actual Olympic sport) and we’ll just have to agree to disagree. The point is, you need to put together a bunch of preppy looks that will make a great first impression on all the right houses. No biggie, right?

To help you get through rush week in style, we’ve rounded up a few of our absolute fave sorority recruitment looks that are perfect for several rounds of rush. Go ahead, check ’em out and feel free to copy them for yourself. 

Sydney Butenhoff in Southern Tide


  • Cute Khaki Shorts

  • Best for: Open House, Bid Day

    Pair with: Casual Tank Top, Espadrilles

    The first two rounds are Open House and Bid Day, both of which have fairly relaxed dress codes. Open House is considered the least formal of all the rounds, and you should definitely take full advantage by wearing cute khaki shorts—especially if you’re in the hot and humid South.

    For Bid Day, some schools will give you a tee-shirt to wear over your top. Khaki shorts pair perfectly with your PNM (potential new member) shirt and are sure to keep you cool and comfortable while your fellow sisters are over there sweating buckets in their blue jeans.

  • White Jean Skirt

  • Best for: Open House, Bid Day

    Pair with: Striped Top, Comfortable Flats or White Sneakers

    We don’t mean to hate on blue jeans, it’s just that everyone wears them during the first two days of rush. If you want to stand out (in a good way), consider rocking a white denim skirt—aka, the trendier, more risqué cousin of blue jeans.

    A little bit ’90s and definitely on-trend, the white denim skirt goes with everything and will help keep you cool as you visit each house and relax outside with friends. Pair it with a nautical striped top and comfortable flats or white sneakers for a casual-cute look you can wear on Open House or Bid Day.

    Southern Tide models in striped dresses


  • Preppy Dresses

  • Best for: Philanthropy Round, Sisterhood Round, Preference Night

    Pair with: Comfortable Heels or Wedges

    The majority of your rush outfits will likely consist of stylish and preppy dresses that can be worn for multiple occasions. While you’ll need to go fancier on Preference Night with a classy cocktail dress, you can stick to casual, preppy dresses for the Sisterhood and Philanthropy Rounds.

    Formality aside, make sure that you opt for dresses that are comfortable enough for all-day wear. A relaxed yet flattering sleeveless shift dress that allows you to move freely will come in handy while you’re touring different houses, making crafts or taking part in fun activities.

  • Seersucker Dress

  • Best for: Philanthropy Round, Sisterhood Round, Bid Day

    Pair with: Cute Wedges

    Stylish, preppy and unbelievably comfortable on the hottest of days, the seersucker dress is a must-have outfit for rush in the South. This classic and timeless fabric is the perfect daytime outfit, whether you’re getting to know your sorority sisters or waiting impatiently to receive your bid.

    Although a classic seersucker dress looks amazing in wedge heels, you might want to bring a cute pair of flats or sandals along as a backup. Take it from the poor gals who have been there, rush is tiring enough as it is without dealing with painful cramps in your feet after a long day of standing.

    southern tide model white jean jacket


    Going for Style Gold 

    Although your school may have a Panhellenic page that provides clothing examples for PNM, these are often outdated and basically useless. Your best bet is to opt for preppy styles that can easily be dressed up or down for each round.

    More importantly, make sure that you choose quality, comfortable clothes that you look and feel good wearing all day. Sorority rush can be an incredibly draining week, especially in the hot and humid South. By choosing sorority recruitment outfits that are stylish, comfortable and appropriate for each round, you can ace rush week and get into the house of your dreams. Good luck!


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