Swim Trunks Care: 3 Hacks

Swim Trunks Care: 3 Hacks

If you’re anything like us, your swim trunks are the most essential part of your summer wardrobe. When the days get longer and the sun gets hotter, you can find us hanging on the beach or cruising on the boat basically every chance we get, which means we need a pair of tried-and-true trunks that aren’t going to lose their luster after an hour in the sun.

We craft our swim shorts using quality fabric that’s made to last, but over time, if not properly cared for, all men’s swim trunks can lose that stretchiness in the waist and start to fade, making them less comfortable and less attractive. No one wants to show off that summer bod in a bathing suit that looks like they’ve owned it since the ninth grade. This summer, find the perfect pair of men’s swim trunks to fit your style and then test out some of these tips to keep your trunks looking brand new all season long.


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    Treat Your New Swim Trunks Before Wearing

    Yes, this is a real thing. You probably have never even thought to add a treatment to your swim trunks before, but if you want to avoid fading, this step is key. Before doing literally anything with your swim trunks, use a pretreat to help the fabric keep the original color. Don’t worry—it’s super easy. Just mix a quart of water and two tablespoons of distilled vinegar in a clean sink, bathtub or large plastic container and let the suit sit for 20 to 30 minutes. And be sure to wash your trunks afterward so you don’t show up on the boat smelling like you just stepped out of a pickle jar.


    Wash in Cold Water

    Men’s swim trunks are obviously designed to be used in the water, but salt from the ocean and chemicals from the pool can seep into the fabric and damage the appearance. Using a cold water rinse right after wear can wash away all that damaging stuff to keep your suit looking fresh off the rack. The more you wash any kind of clothing, the quicker it will fade and degrade, so wash your swimsuits sparingly in cold water. Warm water breaks down the material’s fibers, which is why it starts to loosen and fade.


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    Never Leave Your Wet Suit in a Bag

    We’ve all made this mistake before. You spent a long day at the beach and threw on something dry before hitting the bar, but you left your swim trunks in a plastic bag. In those few hours that you were knocking back Mai Tais, your swim trunks probably already started growing mildew, especially if you left them baking in the hot car like we’ve done one too many times. Then, sometimes after getting home from a day on the water, the last thing you want to do is laundry. We totally get it. But your swimsuit will be looking crusty and faded before you know it if you let this gross mildew hang around. Rinse your suit off or let it soak in cold water for a little while until you’re ready to wash it. And if you have to toss it in a bag after the beach, treat yourself to a mesh bag that can help the suit air dry without getting nasty. 

    Keep Your Men’s Swim Trunks Looking Their Best

    If you’re going to invest in a quality pair of men’s swim trunks, make sure you care for your investment. Take the time to pretreat and properly wash your swim gear so you’re not showing up to the beach looking like your trunks just time traveled from the 1990s—and not in, like, a cool vintage way. Have a pair that's too far gone and in need of a replacement? Start right with a new pair of swim trunks from Southern Tide.

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