What to Wear for the Best Christmas Photos
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What to Wear for the Best Christmas Photos

With Christmas almost here, it’s time to prepare for everyone’s favorite holiday. The tree has to be decorated, gifts must be bought, and Christmas cards have to be shot, designed, printed, and mailed before Saint Nick steps in his sleigh… no big deal. Whether you have little ones or your adult children are returning to the nest, family pictures can be stressful. Make it just a little easier for everyone by having outfits pre-planned. Use these tips so your crew can be the stars on everyone’s fridge this season.

Coordinating is key

Coordinating outfits for the family photoshoot can be a headache. You want everyone in matching clothes, but each person's style differs. Plus, getting full cooperation for a lengthy photoshoot can seem impossible. Make it simple for yourself. Try picking a color or print, like navy or plaid, to be a part of everyone's outfit. You can also prolong the group's attention by sticking to a comfortable, polished look. A soft quarter zip for dad, a classic dress for mom, a vest for big brother, and a cute dress for little sister. We even have a Father & Son matching collection that can knock out all the guys' outfits in one swoop. Photos where everyone feels good about their outfit are sure to secure a prime spot on the fridges of your friends and family.

Couple dressed in coordinating outfits for matching family pictures.

Timeless > Trendy

If you’re going to have these pictures made, you might as well make them last. To make your photoshoot evergreen, lean towards timeless fashion. You can never go wrong with classic blue jeans, khakis, sweaters, and polos. Accessorize with simplistic pieces, like leather belts and dainty jewelry. Avoid trendy elements like holes, cutouts, neon colors, and loud patterns.


Can’t find a new outfit head to toe on short notice? When in doubt, layers can completely change an ordinary, everyday outfit into something fresh. One item, like a blazer or sweater, can instantly elevate a look. 

Father and son in coordinating pullovers by the fireside for family photos.


Bribes work!

Have something fun planned for after family pictures - no matter their age. Dinner at your favorite restaurant (you’re already dressed for it!), ice cream, or a movie to create lifelong memories associated with pictures you took. In the moment, family photoshoots may be trying, but you’ll treasure the photos and the memories you made forever.

Enjoy these holiday memories while you can! Years from now, you'll look back on these photos and laugh at the toothless grins. You'll reminisce about Mom being upset with Dad for leaving his tie and try to remember the joke your oldest whispered in their sibling's ear that had everyone roaring. The Southern Tide family is honored to be a small part of your holiday photos - we wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays filled with love, laughter, and joy. 

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