The Southern Edit - Who Are We?
About Southern Tide

The Southern Edit - Who Are We?

Hey there.

Bet you thought we’d say “Hey y’all”… we’re pretty unpredictable that way. Super glad you’re here. We have a lot to talk about – so much that you’ll need to pop over more often for the latest (seriously, don’t be a stranger). Oh wow… we completely forgot to introduce ourselves. Let’s start over.


We’re Southern Tide

No matter where you call home (North, South, East, West), you’re in the right place now and that’s all that matters. To us, Southern is a state of mind. It’s more than just where you were born or where you live, it’s how you approach life – and our life is about DOING. We’re social; we’re adventurous; we’re coastal and a slew of other things you’ll find as we get to know each other better. The main thing you need to know now: we are here to show you the ropes and help you navigate the waters of this thing called life.

sunset at beach on island


Let Us Be Your Guide

Through our experiences, we’ve mastered the ability to handle ourselves in just about every situation. Family, friends, and gatherings are the core of our lifestyle so we are without a doubt social by nature.  We will share everything we have learned (and are still learning!) with our friends (like you) about topics like how to dress for the occasion – sport shirts for the fellas and colorful dresses for the ladies – finding new adventures (and maybe some vacation clothes too…), or discovering the best local spots wherever you go. Our experience drives every decision we make, every product we create and everything we do, whether we're in, on, or by the water. 

man standing on water plane wearing short sleeve button downwoman and man ordering from window wearing jaelynn nautilus print dress

Built with a Purpose

When we say our southern clothing is “built with a purpose”, we really mean it. It's not like "oh, this is a good shirt" nice. It's like "this shirt is amazing, how did I ever live without it?" nice. I mean… have you tried our Brrr Performance Shirts? Everything we make and everything we do is with quality in mind - whether a material, a finishing detail, a fit or function. When your life revolves around being by the water, under the sun or in an office (adulting… amirite?), you’ll want the most comfortable and best-looking clothes that money can buy.


Let the Adventures Begin

Between incredible photoshoots and exciting events, we’re lucky to have seen and experienced some amazing places. We’re all about having a good time and constantly traveling to new spots – which is why our Southern Tide Ambassador program is an energetic community of passionate and inspirational people across the country. They’ll take you along for the ride from our @southerntide Instagram posts and stories to IGTV excursions. Time to #followthetide and FOMO no mo.

man kitesurfing in ocean wearing swim trunks

Fun Fact

This is the Southern Edit. We’re Southern Tide. ‘Edit’ is just ‘tide’ spelled backward. Blew your mind, didn’t we?

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