Men's Swim Trunks & Swim Shorts

At the beach, we know, you're not usually wearing much. So we want to make sure that what you DO decide to wear looks good—that's why every piece in our collection of men's swimwear is designed for style as well as function (and to help you show off a little skin).

Our men’s preppy swim trunks come in cool colors and prints that match your confidence. If you’re a go-getter in need of a pair of men’s swim shorts with a little more length to them, we’ve got you covered—literally. These swim trunks have pockets in the back to stash your phone and keys, just don’t forget to take them out before taking a dive! Rubber-coated drawstrings prevent fraying while the natural stretch in the fabric makes sure that your swim trunks move with you. Not sure which short is for you? Check out our swim style guide

When you’re ready to head to the beach bar and crack open a cold one, toss on one of our cool men’s trucker hats and a men’s graphic t-shirt. We make casual clothes for men that are built to stand up to big waves... so you can feel confident they'll be able to handle your epic cannonballs.