Women's Flipjacks

You might call them flip flops, sandals, or even slippers like the Hawaiians, but we call them Flip Jacks (because it rhymes with skipjack, eh?). Our women's cork beach sandals and leather flip flops are some of the most comfortable ones around, perfect for that spring cruise you’re planning. Just take it from Lisa up in Ottowa: "These are SO AMAZING! Comfortable, light, and I can walk for hours." Yes, even our friends up in Canada wear these flip flops!

These women's flip flops work double duty too and have non-marking soles, making them the perfect shoes to wear on a boat with that new cute swimsuit. No matter if you like your sandals to have skinny straps or wide leather straps, we've got them all – and in various colors to match with all your looks. So toss off your heels and slip on a pair of the most comfortable women's flip flops around. And yeah, we know your man will get jealous so grab a pair of leather flip flops for him while you're at it.