Father and Son Matching Outfits

We see you. Running around trying to figure out the best photogenic outfits for the family because that appointment with the photographer completely slipped your mind. Don't fear – just take a style note from the man of the house's closet and pick out a boy's outfit that matches dad's.

If you're looking for a father-and-son matching outfit for a gathering that is more on the formal side, then a classic plaid button-down shirt and pair of casual khaki pants are the way to go. But if you were planning to take a more casual family photo on the beach then perhaps keep it simple with matching father and son t-shirts or polo shirts.

And trust us – you might not think he's the "matching type," but as soon as he sees his mini-me looking just like him, he'll be begging you to bust out the portrait mode for their own impromptu photo session.