Good Genes: 5 Matching Outfits for Father and Son

Good Genes: 5 Matching Outfits for Father and Son

Blue Ivy and Beyoncé. Kate Middleton and Charlotte. Reese Witherspoon and Ava. These are just a few famous examples of mother-daughter twinning at its finest. But it does make us wonder: Where are all the father and son matching outfits?

A lot of men don’t really seem to care too much about father and son matching outfits, which is an utter shame if you ask us. Guys, do you have any idea how cute it is to see your son looking like your little mini-me? How the mere sight of such adorableness can make a woman’s heart melt? 

In any case, we think it’s high-time for more families to start taking full advantage of father and son matching outfits. After all, you can’t do it forever—not intentionally, at least. At some point, it does become a little weird for a grown man to dress exactly like his old pops.

So, why not milk the opportunity why you still can? Below, we’ve rounded up a few father and son outfit ideas and the picture-perfect moments to help you rock the trend to its fullest.

Father and Son Matching Outfits

How to Coordinate Matching Father-Son Outfits

There’s no denying that father and son twinning can be ridiculously cute. There’s just something about seeing your son look like the spitting image of his dear old dad that tugs away at the ol’ heartstrings.

However, there are a few unwritten rules to this whole matching outfits trend that you should probably know:

Rule #1: You don’t need to match every last detail. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much matchiness in the matching outfits trend. Just ask Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake about their denim disaster in the early 2000’s (also, you’re welcome for reminding you about that). Don’t be afraid to switch up a few elements in your outfits to keep your looks coordinated without being overly matched.

Rule #2: Wear matching outfits sparingly. Wearing matching outfits is a lot like drinking a Singapore Sling–good on occasion, but definitely not okay to do every day. Father and son matching outfits are ideal for special outings, such as a football game or maybe a wedding. But if you wear the same thing as your kid all the time, other parents are going to start to question your sanity.

Rule #3: Own it. You’re probably going to take some heat from friends (most likely the ones who don’t have kids) who don’t get the matchy-matchy trend. That’s fine. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Let them sip on their bitter Haterade while you enjoy special time with your little guy.

How to Coordinate Father and Son Outfits

Father and Son Matching Outfit Ideas

When choosing father-son ensembles, it’s better for the son to dress like the father and NOT the other way around. We mean, have you ever seen a grown man wear dinosaur-print shorts or a t-shirt that said “little heartbreaker” on it? Exactly.

As you shop for outfits, stick with the classics. Both father and son will look stylish (and age-appropriate) wearing button down shirts, crew neck sweaters, khaki pants, etc.

Ready to dress in matching ensembles? Whether you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding or you’re gearing up for a golf outing with the family, here are a few father and son matching outfit ideas that will make your special moments all the more amazing:    

Family Photos: Button Down Shirt + Quarter Zip + Blue Jeans

Getting your family pictures taken? We can’t think of a more perfect excuse to don father and son matching outfits. Skip the struggle of choosing what each person should wear and have your son wear the same button down shirt, quarter zip pullover and blue jeans as dad. If you prefer to add some variety to your photos, choose the boy’s sweater in a different color than dad’s.

Of course, both of their outfits will need to coordinate with the “hero” piece—aka, the outfit that you want to draw attention to. Meaning, the wife’s outfit. Because let’s face it–she’s probably the real hero for wrangling everyone together for this photoshoot in the first place.

Easter: Short-Sleeve Button Down Shirt + Khaki Pants + Dress Shoes

Easter is another prime excuse for donning father and son matching outfits. This time, you’ll want to choose dressier outfits. Your son may not be too pleased about swapping his favorite t-shirt for a boys’ short sleeve button down shirt that looks exactly like his dad’s, but at least you’ll have a giant chocolate Easter bunny to bribe him with this time. 

Complete this father-son look with a nice pair of khaki pants and some quality dress shoes that fit well, with a big emphasis on the “fit well” part. Don’t try to buy your son dress shoes that he’ll grow into someday. If his shoes don’t fit just right, we guarantee that you’ll be hearing about it for the entire duration of Easter brunch.

How to do Matching Outfits for Kids and Dads

Wedding: Long-Sleeve Button Down Shirt + Slacks + Dress Shoes

When it comes to father and son outfits for a wedding, avoid matching too closely. This is an occasion where the matching outfits trend can look a bit odd if they’re identical head-to-toe.

Instead, have your son wear a long-sleeve button down shirt with an interesting print, while dad wears the same shirt in a solid, coordinating color. To add more variety to their looks, dad can also wear a tie while his mini-me opts for an adorable bowtie in the same hue.

Complete the look with slacks and dress shoes for both. Be careful, though. They might accidentally steal the show with their dapper ensembles.

Golfing: Performance Jacket + Polo Shirt + Khaki Shorts

There is something oh-so-special about father-son golf outings. When boys are still at a young age, they idolize dad and his “impressive” swing (they don’t know what his handicap is yet). They want to be just like dad in every way, which is why it makes perfect sense for father and son to dress in a similar fashion on the golf course.

If you’re looking for the perfect golf outfit for dad and his mini-me, look no further than a classic polo shirt and its trusty sidekick, a pair of khaki shorts. This combo looks stylish on guys of all ages and also happens to pair extremely well with our quarter zip pullovers which are perfect for those early morning tee times. You know, if you can manage to convince him that teeing off at 7:00 a.m. is better than watching morning cartoons.

The Best Father and Son Matching Outfits

Brunch/Dinner Outings: Pullover + Button Down + Blue Jeans 

Are you and the fam going to a hip brunch spot? That’s reason enough to go full #twinning mode with your mini-me. Coordinate your outfits with matching button down shirts in a fun pattern, such as gingham or plaid. 

For those chilly days in early spring, layer the look with a solid color pullover and dress it down with a pair of classic blue jeans. Make sure that you choose jeans with a hint of stretch. Both you and junior are going to need it when you absolutely demolish that huge plate of French toast.

Like Father, Like Son

Why should mom and daughter have all the fun? With these matching father and son outfits, your son will be so excited to pick out clothes to match with dear old dad. Remember, you don’t need to stop at these father and son outfit ideas. Extend the fun to the beach with boys’ swim trunks and a matching pair for dad or skip the outfits and match accessories instead. No matter what pieces you’re eyeing, your son is going to love looking just like the man he admires most in the world.


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