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What to wear to a Football Game: Mastering the Art of Game Day Outfits

Embrace the culture, tradition, and excitement of college football season in the South with our expert tips on what to wear to a football game. Our love for the game runs deep, and so does our commitment to looking stylish and feeling comfortable while cheering for our favorite teams. Whether you're part of the SEC Nation or hail from the Big 10, finding the perfect game day outfit is essential to stand out in the sea of fans. Join us as we break down the ultimate game day outfits, carefully curated to keep you comfortable and fashionable from tailgate to touchdown.


Game Day Outfit Ideas for Women

Let’s start with the ladies. For the big game, you need an outfit that’s easy to move in, classic and bursting with school spirit. Before we dive into it, let’s go over a few major tips on what not to wear on game day:

- Leave pricey jewelry at home. Nothing is worse than losing your precious jewelry in the stadium. Nuff said.

- Wear comfortable shoes. If you don’t want aching, sore feet after the game, keep your footwear practical. Another tip (and we’re speaking from painful experience): Don’t wear brand new shoes for the first time ever to the game. Our vote for the best shoes for game day? A classic white sneaker. 

- Choose your handbag wisely. In recent years, some college stadiums have implemented strict policies regarding purse sizes and styles. Check the stadium rules before choosing your handbag. If you want to play it safe, start using a clear stadium handbag that’s designed for concerts and stadiums. This way, you can always pass through the gates with no problem and all your must-have game day essentials.

With that out of the way, here are a few ideas for the best game day outfits:

Preppy, Classic & Comfortable

You really can’t go wrong with prep-inspired clothing at a football game. Preppy clothing is closely tied with sporting events, and goes back to the time of Ivy League students who enjoyed sailing, rugby, lacrosse and fencing.

For a preppy-chic look, consider wearing classic silhouettes in your school’s colors. Pair it with white sneakers for a cute look that is perfect for playing tailgate games or cheering from the stands. Preppy women’s game day outfits are a great way to stay classically cool from tailgate to touchdown.

Casual Cool

Prefer a casual outfit that doesn’t go overboard with game day spirit? Wear a look that is packed with performance gear and prioritizes comfort and style. Whether it’s a cute, active skort, preppy khaki shorts or an exercise dress, these looks put both fashion and function first. On top of being super versatile, this look is guaranteed to beat the brutal heat of those first few games of the season. 

If you feel like you want to show a little more team spirit, simply add the finishing touches to your outfit with game day accessories. For example, play up your look with a pair of colorful earrings or a cool pair of shades with colored lenses in your team’s colors (e.g., orange or purple lenses for Clemson or red for the Georgia Bulldogs).

 Women in performance game day clothes holding a football.

The Cute Game Day Outfit

Sometimes, all a girl really wants in a game day outfit is something cute and classic. We’re talking about the classic game day outfit: A collegiate t-shirt, a cute pair of denim shorts and some white sneakers. Throw on a baseball cap and there you have it—a no-fuss outfit that you can play up in a million different ways.

The best part about the cute and comfortable outfit for game day look is that it never gets in the way of any tailgate activity. Whether you’re prepping the best tailgate set up before everyone arrives, playing a game of corn holel in the grass or walking up to the stadium, your classic outfit will never slow you down.


Game Day Outfit Ideas for Men

Now, it’s time for the guys. You would think that guys would have an easier time dressing for a football game. Just wear your best collegiate tailgate apparel and call it good, right? 

Well, it’s not quite that simple. In fact, there are a few quick rules we need to go over:

- Skip the body paint. It’s time to leave this in the past fellas. We know you like to reminisce on the “good ole days”, but unless you are a student at the school this is a big no.

- Don’t wear shirts that show sweat stains. Wear performance styles that will keep your sweat in check.

- Check the forecast before you leave for the stadium. If it cools down for a night game, you might want to bring a quarter-zip or pullover.

Got it? Okay, let’s move on to the best game day outfits for men.


Beat the Heat in Classic Style

A lot of guys just want to look good for the big game without sacrificing their comfort or style. If this sounds like you, opt for a look that combines fashion and function with head-to-toe performance features. Our vote is a wicking, performance short or pant that keeps sweat at bay paired with a cooling polo that sports your team’s logo on the chest. Complete the look with a fresh pair of kicks and make sure to wear moisture-wicking socks.
Two men in polos and pants ready for game day holding a football.

Ready for the Tailgate

So, you’re one of those guys who knows exactly what to bring to a tailgate every year: The games. Cornhole, football, Ladder Toss—you’ve got all the must-have tailgate games and have been waiting eagerly to bust them all out.

As a guy who likes to move around a lot on game day, we definitely recommend wearing khaki shorts and a quality collegiate tailgate shirt.


Timeless & Traditional Game Day Outfit for Men

For the guy who wants to look mature and professional without appearing too stuffy, this one’s for you: Wear a nice pair of trim-fit chinos with a classic button down shirt in your team colors with the team logo. Finish the look with comfortable, loafers or sneakers.

This look never goes out of style and can be worn by guys of all ages. If you’re an avid UGA fan, get yourself a few Georgia Bulldog button-down sport shirts and rotate them all season long. Just don’t be surprised when all your friends start asking you where you got your Georgia shirt!

Winning Game Day Tips: A Playbook for Style and Practicality

Before you head out to the stadium, remember these game day rules to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience:

  • 1. Prioritize comfort and functionality: Choose outfits that allow you to move freely and stay comfortable throughout the day, especially during tailgating activities.
  • 2. Mind your footwear: Opt for comfortable shoes that can handle walking and standing for extended periods. Avoid wearing brand-new shoes for the first time on game day.
  • 3. Accessorize thoughtfully: Select handbags that adhere to stadium rules or consider using a clear stadium handbag for hassle-free entry. Add team-inspired accessories like watches, sunglasses, or hats to showcase your spirit.
  • 4. Dress appropriately for the weather: Check the forecast before leaving and prepare for potential rain or cold conditions to stay comfortable and dry.

Officially licensed collegiate polos of top NCAA schools.

Gear up in Style: Your Game Day Fashion MVP

With these game day outfit ideas, you're ready to step into the stadium as a style MVP. From comfortable and functional ensembles for the ladies to sophisticated yet spirited choices for the gentlemen, your game day attire will turn heads and showcase your unwavering team spirit. So, whether you're cheering for the Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Bulldogs, Clemson Tigers, or any other top-tier college football team, let your outfit speak volumes as you join the enthusiastic crowd in celebrating the exhilarating world of college football. Get ready to tackle game day in style and make every Saturday a touchdown!"

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