Men's Lightweight Vests & Jackets

We know that every time you go out with your girl, she gets cold, and you—being the gentleman you are—give her your jacket. But now YOU'RE the one that's cold. That’s why we say to make sure to take an extra warming layer with you everywhere you go.

We’ve found that a classic men's fleece vest or a jacket pairs well with all our men's denim jeans for weekend outfits, plus it’s perfect for those mild southern seasons. But when it’s time to gear up for a mountain trip, we’re reaching for a soft and warm sherpa zip-up jacket and layering it over a men's crew neck sweater or quarter zip pullover to stay cozy. The truth is, the best men's vests and jackets are like t-shirts or potato chips—you can’t just have one. Need help layering? Check out our cold-weather style guide