A Guide to Men's Summer Clothes

A Guide to Men's Summer Clothes

Nobody wants a complicated wardrobe. Do you? Didn’t think so. No, what you want is a closet full of clothes you can toss on for whatever event is on the calendar, whether you’re hitting the golf course for a day with the guys or attending a bougie dinner party with that new lady friend of yours. Southern Tide’s line of casual clothes for men is tailored for the guy who goes from workday to happy hour to the driving range without going home to change.

We like to say that southern living is a state of mind and in the South, we live a laid-back lifestyle, especially once summer rolls in. No matter what your summer plans are, we’ve got you covered with clothes for boat days, chillin’ on the beach and everything in between.

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For a Round on the Green

Saturdays are for the boys. When it’s time to get the guys together and hit the links, comfort is king—but you don’t want to look totally out of place. Made with lightweight, quick-dry and moisture-wicking fabric, our relaxed men’s golf polos keep you looking and feeling cool even when you’re over par. Don’t worry about using an entire bottle of sunscreen before heading to the course—each classic performance polo has UPF technology for an extra layer of UV protection. Planning to hit up the club restaurant post-round? No need to pack an extra shirt—these polo shirts look great on and off the course.

For a Day at the Beach

Summer means weekends on the beach. Whether you’re the kind of guy who likes relaxing on the sand or you’re more of tossing the football with friends type of dude, you need the right gear. For men, above-the-knee swimsuits have replaced the longer-length trends of the past. Our men's swim trunks hit at six inches for that "just right" look (no thanks banana hammock). The drawstring waistband keeps your trunks secure while diving for the volleyball or bodysurfing the waves. 

For Taking An Adventure to Basically Anywhere

Sure, we’re proud of where we’re from and we like to take it easy here in the South, but we looove planning a trip to somewhere new—from exotic islands to rocky peaks. Before heading out on your next vacation to the tropics or that gorgeous mountain lake, treat yourself to multiple pairs of our best selling men's swim trunks and swim shorts. 

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For Island-Hopping and Yacht-Rocking

In the summer, if you can’t find us at the beach, we’re usually cruising around on the boat. Some boat days call for party attire while others, like early morning fishing trips that have us up at the crack of dawn, require sporty performance apparel. Let us remind you: boat breezes are real, especially in the morning and evening, and since goosebumps and chattering teeth are not a cute look, a hoodie or a light jacket is basically a must anytime you’re hopping aboard.

For Watching The Summer’s Biggest Opens

You’re probably comfortable throwing on a t-shirt before a baseball game or wearing your old sneakers to a football game, but please, do not make this mistake at a tennis match. You will look seriously out of place if you don’t realize the importance of fashion at these events. Unless you’re headed all the way to London for Wimbledon, you don’t need a suit jacket or bow tie. Most court-side outfits range from stylishly sporty to country club casual, depending on the match time. Day tournaments are usually pretty casual while evening matches err on the dressy end. These collared performance shirts meet either dress code and help you stay cool.

Southern Tide man wearing polo shirt playing tennis

For Firing Up the Grill

When the temp rises, so does the frequency of invites to throw some burgers on the grill at your neighbor’s houses. At your next cul-de-sac party or backyard cookout, rock one of these comfortable cotton t-shirts and pair it with khakis and a pair of men’s leather flip flops and an ice-cold beer to show that “hey, you’re just a casual-cool kinda guy”. And even if you’re a messy eater, Southern Tide’s quick-dry active shorts hold up despite accidental beer spills or barbecue sauce drips.

For Being a Boss at Work

We get it. As soon as summer hits, you’re ready to ditch the jackets and long pants and spend the day in shorts and flip flops.  We’re right there with you, trust us, but you still need to look professional in the office unless you like saying that you’re “funemployed” If your workplace has a laid-back dress code, our active shorts are comfortable and classy, so you can walk out of work and straight into happy hour. Button down shirts are another staple of men’s classic clothing, choose a short-sleeve or a long-sleeve (don’t you dare ever wear a sleeveless button-down shirt) and pair it with a lightweight pair of chinos for an uncomplicated work look.

Live Easy in Clothes Built for Comfort

Your clothes should reflect your lifestyle, and we’re all about easy livin’. From swim trunks to short-sleeve button-down shirts, Southern Tide’s classic men’s clothing is simple, fashionable and versatile enough for any summer event.


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