Don't Sweat It: Active Clothing for Men & Women

Everybody loves summer, but with the longer days and beautiful weather come some serious heat waves. Sure, living on the coast has its perks: relaxing days on the beach,  sunset trips on the boat, the freedom to order a fruity cocktail with one of those tiny umbrellas at the bar without getting judged. But if you can’t spend every day on the water, you’ll need other ways to stay cool. At Southern Tide, our active clothing and performance fabrics are designed to have you looking stylish and feeling great no matter where you’re spending your summer. Guys, you can feel confident throwing on a pair of our lightweight men’s performance shorts and ladies, you’ll be feeling carefree in active dresses that’ll keep you comfortable and cool even after your third Mai Tai.

Southern Tide Summer Vacation Clothing Men and Women


Go for Loose, Breathable Clothing

We know it sounds obvious, but tight clothing makes you sweat, and sweat stains don’t look good with any outfit. It’s ok, we all sometimes forget to pick outfits that give our skin enough room to breathe. Loose-fitting clothes made with breathable materials let the breeze in, cooling you off and cutting down on icky sweat at the same time.

Hello, comfy cotton, lightweight linen, and breezy seersucker. We appreciate you. Southerners swear by seersucker anything to stay cool. The fabric’s puckered look is created by a technique where some sections of cotton are woven more tightly than others to allow for more airflow. If you’re in the south, seersucker isn’t hard to spot. You’ll see everything from men in seersucker shorts at the cookout to ladies dancing in seersucker dresses at your friend’s wedding. Remember that game “punch buggy punch, no punch back?” You could play that game with seersucker clothing this summer if you wanted to.

Our Favorite Women’s Coastal Clothing


All the ladies (yes, we just started singing Beyonce too) know that summer is the season of dresses: sundresses, shift dresses, sleeveless styles for days. Expand your summer wardrobe with a breathable linen or cotton dress and leave the days of sweating your butt-off behind.

Southern Tide Couple Summer Clothing


We may love our yoga pants, but the skin-tight fabric can get sticky and uncomfortable when walking around in the summer heat. Activewear and dresses? Absolutely. Our line of women’s active dresses combines activewear features like moisture-wicking fabric, stretch, and UV protection. 

Shorts and Swimwear

Coastal clothing is about versatility, and sometimes summer calls for activities that can’t be done in a dress, especially if it’s anything involving sand. Eek. Our tunic hoodies are comfy enough to hang out around the house in and cute enough to throw on over your bikini as a casual cover-up before hitting the beach.

Active shorts are made from a stretchy, comfortable fabric, making them perfect for exercising outside in the heat. For those times when you want to go casual but not so much that you look like you’re about to go for a run, jean shorts are a fun addition to your summer wardrobe. Mix and match your favorite summer tanks and preppy graphic tees with cute denim shorts for the perfect laid-back look this season. Our colorful women’s swimsuits will keep you extra cool (but looking hot!) for those hours you spend working on your summer tan.  

Top Choices for Men’s Coastal Clothing

Men’s Button Down Shirts

Button downs are a staple item everywhere from the office to the bar. We love throwing on a casual, lightweight button down for both boat days and bar crawls. Roll the sleeves up on a long-sleeve button-down shirt for an oh-so-casual look or keep them down if you think there’s a chance you might run into your boss. Southern Tide uses performance technology when designing some of our long-sleeve and short-sleeve button downs to help prevent the fabric from sticking to your skin and to protect you from UV rays. You’re welcome.

Southern Tide Mens Coastal Clothing Button Down Short

Shorts and Swimwear

Let’s keep this short- When shopping for shorts, you want a pair that you can toss on before getting on the boat then wear to dinner without having to brave the dockside porta-potty for an outfit change in between. Lucky for you, our men’s shorts do just that.  

Coastal living isn’t complete without at least a few days spent on the water. It doesn’t matter if you’re about to play a game of volleyball or getting dressed for a backyard barbecue, just go ahead and bring those pair of men’s swim trunks with you. Say it with us: a prepared man is a sexy man. Bold patterns are a huge part of Southern style, and our men’s swim trunks and swim shorts live up to the hype with bright colors and unique patterns that say “this is a guy with confidence.”


Prepare to Stay Cool

Take it from us, having the right clothing in the summer is key to stay cool and looking good. And having a wardrobe with versatility is even better. You can throw on that super cute sundress as a cover-up or add a few accessories to it for a night out. Guys performance shorts look good on the boat and on the golf course. Don’t limit yourself. Just remember to lather up the sunscreen and throw a few cold ones in the cooler.