The Ultimate Travel Guide to Nevis

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Nevis

The first few months of the year are a bit of a buzzkill, aren’t they? It’s dark. It’s cold. There’s no more holiday cheer in the air to help us tolerate said darkness and coldness. You’re also beginning to look closer at the person you cuffed yourself to for the winter and realizing that a mutual love of Sour Patch Kids is—shockingly—not enough to sustain a long-term relationship. Huh. Who would have seen that coming? Answer: Literally everyone and their mother.

Anyway, it’s no wonder that many spend all of January and February daydreaming about warm weather, white-sand beaches, and tropical drinks. If you’re looking to take a relaxing vacation to escape the doldrums of winter, we’ve got just the spot: Nevis. Nope, it’s not a hipster baby name. It’s actually a small island in the Caribbean that has “you” written all over it.

What (and Where) Is Nevis?

Never heard of Nevis? Don’t worry, most people haven’t. In fact, it’s one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean. Beautifully unspoiled and relaxing, Nevis is the smaller of the two islands that make up the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies. Comprised of 36 square miles, the volcanic island is perhaps most well-known for its crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, easy-going island chill, and historical homes that are bursting with old-world charm.

Golden Rock Inn in Nevis - Where to Stay in Nevis

Why Go to Nevis?

If you’re in desperate need of some R&R, Nevis is practically begging you to visit her breathtaking shores. Quiet and serene, this tiny island offers a beautiful rainforest, romantic beaches for couples, picturesque hiking opportunities and history galore.

Since the Nevis government tends to keep the small island on the DL, Nevis remains an unspoiled paradise (did we just let out the secret? Oops…) where you can truly kick up your feet and relax. Put simply, it’s the place you go to recharge your batteries and come back feeling like a brand new person. 

Recommended Things to Do

We’ve lightly touched upon some of the activities that Nevis has to offer, but what is there to do in Nevis, specifically? We have a few ideas…

- Relax on the Beach. We know—duh, right? But with oodles of secluded, white sand beaches, you won’t have any trouble finding a spot to lay down your oversized beach towel and listen to the sound of crashing waves. Even Pinney’s, the most popular beach on Nevis, is relatively undisturbed with hardly any passersby. For a spectacular view, go for a dip in Long Haul Bay and you’ll see St. Kitts (Nevis’s sister island) on the horizon.

- Take Instagram-Worthy Pics. Those gorgeous beaches we just mentioned? Yeah, they’re also perfect for taking swoon-worthy pictures that will blow up your Instagram feed. (We would know because we just so happened to shoot our Spring Catalog on these very beaches!) While you’re taking your beach selfies, remember to strike a yoga pose and look super zen (not hard to do when you’re in Nevis). No one needs to know that you just started practicing yoga the day before. 

- Explore Local History. Calling all history and architect lovers! Nevis is dotted with interesting historical sites, landmarks, and old-style buildings. Charlestown, the capital of Nevis, is surrounded by Georgian buildings and churches from the colonial era, and the Horatio Nelson Museum is a must-visit for those who enjoy ogling at historical artifacts, even Queen Elizabeth II has visited this museum during her visits to Nevis. 

- Treat Yo’ Self. With its therapeutic hot springs and many wellness activities, Nevis invites everyone to kick off their shoes and stay awhile. Go ahead, treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort or go on that horseback riding adventure that you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid. 

- Stalk Celebrities. Okay, we’re sort of kidding about this one. However, there is a chance that you’ll spot an A-lister or two in Nevis while you’re there. Celebrities just can’t resist the seductive seclusion of Nevis. Forget about New Year’s resolutions: Running into Lin Manuel Miranda or Britney Spears at the Lime Beach Bar on Pinney’s is our new 2020 goal.

Keep in mind that these are just a handful of things you can do on Nevis. Head over to the official Nevis website and you’ll find tons of cool things to see and do on this gorgeous little island.

What to Wear in Nevis 

Keep in mind that the overall vibe in Nevis is super laid-back and chill, even by Caribbean standards, so almost anything goes. Even so, that doesn’t mean you should stroll through the streets of Charlestown wearing your Borat-style mankini (trust us, no one wants to see that). Here’s our recommendations on what to wear while visiting Nevis:

For the Women

Bathing Suits. It may still be cold, but the latest bikinis and women’s bathing suits are beginning to hit the stands already. Be sure to scoop one or two up early, as well as a stylish cover-up, to keep yourself motivated for your upcoming Nevis trip.

Dresses. There are two types of dresses you should pack for Nevis. Pack at least one or two preppy dresses that you can dress up for elegant dinners (and, hopefully, for running into Lin Manuel *crosses fingers*) or dress down for everyday wear. Nevis can get pretty hot during the spring and summer, so you should also pack a few active dresses that have UPF protection, quick-dry technology and moisture-wicking properties built-in to help control your inevitable armpit sweat.

Comfortable Shoes. You’ve got your favorite pair of leather flip-flops packed and ready for Nevis, but what about walking shoes? There’s a good chance you’ll be hoofin’ it a lot, so be sure to bring shoes that are comfortable and BROKEN-IN. Excuse our all caps, but getting blisters from new shoes and stepping into the salty ocean is its own unique form of torture.

For the Men

Swim Shorts. Guys, just say no to Speedos. Do everyone a favor and get yourself a nice pair of men’s swim shorts that won’t scare the kids. The world thanks you in advance.

Khaki Shorts. You know those men’s khaki shorts you wear when you go golfing with your buddies? Yeah, bring those to Nevis. They’ll keep you cool and comfortable whether you’re grabbing tapas at Indigo or reeling in some grouper on your deep sea fishing tour. 

Polo Shirts. Basically, if you just dress as though you were hitting the links, you’ll probably fit in when visiting  Nevis just fine. Pack a few polo shirts that you can pair with your khaki shorts. For evening dinners, switch out your polo for a sport shirt with cooling technology (because getting heat stroke on vacay is sort of a huge bummer). With these two men’s tops, you’ll look good with hardly any effort. And that’s kind of the ultimate goal for any guy, isn’t it?

Experience the Unhurried Lifestyle of Nevis

Nevis is a small island that is packed with major charm. If you’re thinking about heading to this unspoiled and unpretentious island, we promise that you won’t be disappointed. Just remember to be respectful to locals by dressing tastefully (i.e., saving your swimsuit attire for the beach), appreciate the natural beauty and surroundings, and say “Good morning” to everyone—yes, even to total strangers, and You’ll fit right in at Nevis!


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