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It's that magical land where they're allowed to jump on the beds, raid the vending machine past their normal bedtime and spend hours on end in a crystal clear blue pool. Are we there yet? Almost. We still need to pack! Of course, they're too busy dreaming of what their sandcastle will look like so the packing part is up to you. But what clothes do kids need on vacation?

First, start with a pair of boys swim trunks. That's what they'll be living in all vacation long. We know they put up a fit when it's time to pull them out of the water to reapply sunscreen, so extend their playtime and add a little extra sun protection with a hat and a kid's performance shirt. They're made with moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabric, and UPF protection. Once the sun sets and everyone works up an appetite, it's time for dinner. A boy's button-down shirt will keep them looking stylish, plus it doubles as a great outfit for family photos. Toss in a few kids graphic t-shirts, the essentials like underwear and socks, a boys pullover sweater for when things get chilly, and a pair of boys khaki pants and you're good to go! Get ready for a family vacation you'll never forget.