reduce, reuse, reclaim the tide fish symbol
reduce, reuse, reclaim the tide fish symbol

Reclaim the Tide

We’re working to reduce our footprint by sourcing more sustainable, organic and recycled materials for our products.

rolls of cotton fabric
rolls of cotton fabric

Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton is produced without the use of toxic chemicals or dyes and uses less water, making it better for your health, and planet Earth.

Certified Organic
No Fertilizers
Pesticide Free
Uses Less Water
close up of a fishing net
close up of a fishing net

Recycled Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic fiber that doesn’t’ break down easily and accounts for about 10% of ocean debris. More than 600,000 tons of fishing gear is dumped into oceans every year, including nylon nets. Our goal is to repurpose this discarded nylon that’s disturbing our ocean’s ecosystems and turn it into something purposeful. We use 100% post-consumer recyclables to create the nylon fibers used in our products.

Post-Consumer Recycled
Reduces waste & polluting
Recycled nylon fishing waste
Recycled PET bottles
blue fabric
blue fabric


Our initiative to be more sustainable wouldn’t be complete without the use of hemp. Hemp grows with less water consumption, puts 60-70% of the nutrients back into the soil and has higher yield than cotton. Hemp fibers are known to be the strongest natural fibers, so it lasts longer than cotton.

Environmentally Friendly
Highly Breathable
Extremely Durable
Naturally Anti-Bacterial