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20% off for Teachers when you sign up through ID.me

Setting up your Teacher Discount

Step 1: Shop SouthernTide.com and add product(s) to your cart

Step 2: Verify your eligibility in cart with ID.me by clicking on the green ID.me button

Step 3: Your discount code will automatically be applied in the cart.



Who is eligible?
ID.me has four different subgroups under its teacher verification - classroom teachers, principals, assistant principals, and administrators. ID.me verifies those employed by public, private primary, or secondary schools, local education authorities, and public or private universities/colleges. 

Classroom Teachers (PreK-12)

  • Certified Teachers
  • Certified Teacher Aides
  • Certified Teacher Assistants
  • Certified Educational Assistants
  • Certified Substitute Teachers
  • Teaching Interns
  • Specialized Teachers (Speech-Language Pathologists, Hearing Impaired, JROTC, Music, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Art, Journalism, Speech, Home Economics, Vocational Education, Adult Education, Family and Consumer Science Engineering, Agriculture, Marketing, Athletic Coaching, etc.) 

Principals and Assistant Principals (PreK-12)

  • Principals
  • Headmasters
  • Superintendents
  • Assistant Principals
  • Vice Principals 

School Employees (PreK-12)

  • School Guidance Counselors
  • School Social Workers
  • School Psychologists
  • School Nurses
  • Head Start Teachers / Staff
  • Librarians / Educational Media Specialists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Any Child Development Staff (working with children under Pre-K - Kindergarten level)
  • Pupil Personnel Services
  • Driver Education
  • Other School Employees (School Cafeteria, Maintenance, Office, Computer IT Staff, etc.) 

College/University Professors

  • Professors
  • Adjunct Faculty


NOTE: Some offers may be restricted from some of the above groups. The following titles are not eligible for the Teacher affiliation: teachers with expired credentials; uncertified homeschool teachers; college and university employees who are not Professors or Faculty.

Teachers not eligible:

  • Any teachers with expired credentials
  • Homeschool teachers (who do not have a state-issued certification)
  • College/university employees who are not employed as a professor or faculty

How do I create an ID.me account?
To create an ID.me account: go to the ID.me website, click the "My Account" button in the top-right corner, then select "Create an ID.me Account."

What if I have other ID.me questions?
For general ID.me verification questions, please visit their support page.

Can I combine my discount with another offer or promotion?
No, this discount cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.


Terms & Conditions

By submitting your ID, you certify that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Teacher Discount Program and agree to abide thereby.


I consent to the following:

• I am at least 18 years of age

• I am currently employed as a classroom teachers, principals, assistant principals, or administrators.

• I will not exceed $2500 in merchandise purchases per year*

• I will keep all discounts and special pricing confidential (excluding fellow teachers)

• I will only purchase items for personal use or as gifts

• I will not purchase any items for resale**

• I understand Southern Tide may amend or discontinue this program at anytime

I agree that I am the person identified on the teacher certification, I am a currently employed as a classroom teachers, principals, assistant principals, or administrators and that I accept the above terms and conditions.


* Subject to approval, $2500 purchase limits may be increased or waived

** Southern Tide reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders to any person suspected of purchasing items for resale

*** Pursuant to the Privacy Policy: Southern Tide will not disclose any images or personal information contained herein to third parties without consent.