Best Thanksgiving Outfits for Every Family
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Best Thanksgiving Outfits for Every Family

Best Thanksgiving Outfits for Every Family

As the weather cools down and the leaves fall, it means one thing - the Big Feast is coming. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. Families come to town, food and decorations are planned, and outfits must be picked out. No matter how you and your best mates celebrate, whether you dress for the dining room or the living room, make it the most memorable day of the year in style. 

The Turkey Trot Family

Nothing like the crisp, cool air on Thanksgiving morning at the finish line! Running a 5k before the year’s biggest meal of the year surrounded by loved ones makes the early rise worth it. Cross that finish line in style in our Women’s Activewear Collection that works as hard as you run with built in performance technology. Keep the morning sun out of your eyes with one of our women's hats.

Woman in navy full-zip active jacket

The Formal Family

Thanksgiving is a grand occasion for your crew, so you dress as so. If you have everyone there, you might as well get your family pictures in! You can't beat the classic navy blazer and khaki chino pants. Our Charleston Blazer & Jack Performance Pant are great to keep him comfortable all day long. A holiday dress paired with riding boots or preppy flats are both timeless looks that will look great in a framed group picture.

Woman and man in formal attire perfect for Thanksgiving day.

The Cozy Family

Face it - dressing formally is all fun… until you go back for seconds and have to unbutton your jeans to sit down.  If you aren’t going to leave the house, might as well be comfy. For those who look forward to the Big Game after the big meal, the Excursion Performance Jogger has the comfort level of your favorite sweats with the tailored fit of your everyday pant making it the real MVP for celebrating every touchdown. And for those who prefer streaming Thanksgiving Day parades, a matching lounge set is the perfect choice to kick back and relax.

Woman relaxing in matching lounge set.

The Homemade Family

This is the biggest holiday of the year for this crew - you spend all Wednesday cooking, cleaning, and prepping for every family member to have the tastiest food and the best day. And that’s no easy feat. So when you’re basting the turkey to perfection in the kitchen, wear the a cute, lightweight women’s sweater to stay comfy and cute . A performance dress is also a great option to be put together and cool in a hot kitchen but ready for everyone arrive… earlier than they said they would. 

Woman in lightweight sweater and performance joggers.

Everyone celebrates Turkey Day differently, just as everyone has their own style. No matter how you spend your holiday - whether at home or visiting, with friends or family, in loungewear or dressed to the nines -  be surrounded by who and what you’re thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from the Southern Tide family!

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