8 Great Gifts for Your Boyfriend's Mom

8 Gifts for Your Boyfriend’s Mom

Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s mom is much easier said than done, especially when you don’t know much about her. Seriously, what do you get the woman who raised the guy you love and who could one day become your mother-in-law?

It’s a ton of pressure, we know. Plus, we’re going to take a wild guess and say that your boyfriend probably isn’t helping you out at all. Despite knowing her literally all his life, he somehow doesn’t know her favorite foods, whether she likes wine or even what things she enjoys doing in her spare time. Seriously, how?!

Luckily for you, we predicted this exact scenario way in advance. From the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer gifts to wrappable presents for under the tree, here are eight gifts for your boyfriend’s mom that will definitely earn you serious brownie points this holiday season. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends Mom from Southern Tide

1. A Mouthwatering Box of Gourmet Chocolates

If you’re really stuck on the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s mom, you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. Sure, there are some weirdos out there who don’t like chocolate, but they’re few and far between. 

Even if your boyfriend’s mom isn’t a die-hard chocoholic, she will be once she samples one of these Southern-made gourmet chocolates. You can find assortments including decadent champagne truffles (we’ll toast to that) and raspberry liqueur truffles. 

Just a heads up: You probably want to make sure that your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t have some sort of nut allergy. We’re guessing that a trip to the emergency room probably isn’t going to put you in her good graces.

2. A Cozy AF Loungewear Set

Unless your boyfriend’s mom hates the idea of warmth and comfort (not likely, but you never know), she’ll love getting new women’s loungewear as a gift. Give her an unbelievably soft pullover and a comfy pair of lounge pants that she’ll want to wear ASAP.

And if you’re really gunning for the title of Best Future Daughter-in-Law, consider throwing in a complete box of relaxing/cozy goodies such as a luxe throw blanket, a lavender-scented candle and a few bath bombs. To give it a personalized touch, make some homemade scones (or buy them from Trader Joe’s–we won’t nark on you) to throw in as well.

3. This Awesome Book of the Month Subscription

After a tiny interrogation session with your boyfriend, you finally managed to extract one crucial piece of information about his mom: She reads! Huzzah!

As a voracious reader, she’s sure to appreciate a Book of the Month subscription. Here’s how it works: Each month, she’ll get to choose between five wow-worthy reads that have been carefully vetted for quality. Plus, she’ll have early access to new releases and she won’t be charged if she decides to skip a month.

A 12-month subscription is currently $149.99, so if you’re looking specifically for women’s gifts under $100, well–this isn’t it. But don’t worry! You can sneak it into your holiday budget by choosing their 6-month ($89.99) or their 3-month option ($49.99). 

Womens Loungewear Sets and Pajamas from Southern Tide

4. A Personalized Family Tree Necklace

When all else fails, you know one thing about your boyfriend’s mom with total certainty: She loves her son. In fact, she loves him so much that she sends him regular care packages (so cute <3) and calls him several times a day to check up on him (err, not so cute).

What do you get the woman who loves her son and family? A personalized family tree necklace with her family’s birthstones, of course! 

This gorgeous gift is guaranteed to be a hit with his mom. Just make sure to have some tissues handy–she might cry when she opens it!

5. A Delicious Instapot Cookbook

If your boyfriend’s mom likes to cook, she probably has an instant pot in her kitchen (and if she doesn’t, there’s your gift!). The instant pot craze took the world by storm last year and hasn’t slowed down since for one simple reason: The instant pot can do it all.

The instant pot can sear meats, sauté vegetables, cook rice, simmer liquids, bake cakes, solve world hunger AND deliver world peace. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating with those last two, but the point stands. 

To fuel his mom’s instant pot obsession, give her the Everyday Instant Pot Cookbook by Alexis Mersel. It’s full of absolutely scrumptious-looking recipes that she can whip up in her do-it-all kitchen gadget. Plus, she’ll probably need some guinea pigs for her recipes, if you know what we’re saying ;)

6. A Versatile Vest 

As much as we love the austere beauty of winter, we can all admit that the frigid temps can seriously cramp our style. Why not give your boyfriend’s mom the gift of style this holiday season with a stylish quilted vest?

Cozy, versatile and insanely warm, this chic women’s vest is both fashionable and functionable with its gold zipper pockets and quilted pattern. She can layer it over her comfiest sweater to stay warm and stylish all winter long.

Tempted to get one for yourself? Just be sure to choose a different color so that you’re not in danger of dressing like his mom’s mini-me.

7. A Relaxing Spa Experience for Two

Let’s face it, most moms could use a day of pampering and relaxation. Why not book a rejuvenating spa day for her at the local spa?

If you want to grow closer with your boyfriend’s mom, consider booking a spa experience for two: One for his mom, and one for you. That way, the two of you can bond while getting side-by-side treatments involving deep tissue massages, manicures/pedicures and moisturizing facials.

Besides, your boyfriend wasn’t the one to come up with this genius idea for his mom (we’re really throwing your BF under the bus, aren’t we? Sorry, not sorry). You deserve to treat yourself for all your holiday gift shopping. Get started by using SpaFinder to find highly-rated spas near you.

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriends Mom from Southern Tide

8. This Chic Travel Case for All Her Bling

Is your boyfriend’s mom the type of gal who wouldn’t be caught dead not wearing full makeup, even to the grocery store? Ah, yes, we know the type well (read: Typical Southern mom).

Since she probably has a particular taste in jewelry and her own signature shade of lipstick to boot, go ahead and pass on getting anything to add to her posh collection. Instead, get her a cute cosmetic bag set to hold all her beautiful eye-shadows and most-prized lipsticks. Perfect for packing on her travels or for stashing in her purse, this chic set is the ultimate blend of practicality and beauty.

Get it professionally wrapped (nothing ruins an elegant gift like a poor gift wrap job) and watch as her perfectly-groomed eyebrows shoot up in surprise as she opens her amazing gift. What’s that we hear? Oh, that’s just the sound of you being upgraded from average girlfriend to best future daughter-in-law of all time. No big deal.

A Special Gift for a Special Woman

Finding a gift for your boyfriend’s mom is crazy stressful. We know because we’ve been there! 

Whether his mom enjoys cooking, traveling or simply being a cozy homebody (girl, same), she’s sure to love one of these gift ideas. For added brownie points, write a personalized note to go with your amazing gift. If that doesn’t convince her that you’re marriage material, we don’t know what will.


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