What to Wear for the 4th of July

What to Wear for the 4th of July

If holidays were ranked in order by “amount of fun had,” we’re pretty sure the Fourth of July would be #1. Think about it– no gifts to buy, no turkey to stuff, no costume to prepare. Just good old American fun celebrating the country we love with the people we love. How can you beat that? Another great thing about the 4th is that there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate. Whether you’re soaking up some sun at the beach or grilling-out with burgers and corn on the cob in the backyard, you have the freedom to enjoy the holiday anyway you see fit. Exercise your right to be stylish this summer and check out our outfit breakdown for every type of party you might encounter this July 4th.  

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High Tides, Good Vibes

A day at the beach is always a good time, but a 4th of July day at the beach should – if you’re doing it right – end in mind-blowing fireworks and epic bonfires (no pressure). But maximizing the day’s relaxation is going to take some work by way of planning your layers – or else risk waking up to a more splotchy/less sexy sunburn that’ll probably stick around until Labor Day (we’ve been there).

For the ladies:

A women’s performance dress in a coastal-inspired stripe pattern or a flattering sleeveless shift dress is the ideal option. Not only will they keep you comfy and warm while you’re playing a game of bocce ball, but they’ll come in handy later when your sweet tooth demands a journey to the nearest taco spot for a strawberry marg and you need something to throw on over your bikini. Once the sun goes down and the bonfire flames start to rise up, you’ll want something a little warmer keeping you cozy until the fireworks start– like a soft and stylish tunic hoodie.

For the gents:

No need to dress up for this party. Keeping your style simple and laid-back is the way to go when the day’s plans involve surf and sparklers. Keep things festive with a pair of striped men’s swim trunks and a patriotic men’s graphic tee, like an American flag t-shirt, while you toss the football around the sand. Don’t forget to wear a men’s trucker hat. Not only is it stellar sun protection for that beautiful face of yours, but it’s also great for helping to keep the sand out of your hair as you dive for that pigskin. Just remember to keep a long-sleeve hoodie T-shirt (and a six-pack) close by for when the sun goes down.

girl on boat 4th of july with flag

Grillin’ and Chillin’

Nothing beats a neighborhood block party on the 4th of July. The best ones are complete with hamburgers straight-off the grill, hot dogs, red and white checkered tablecloths, and a few of those mystery side dishes that neighbor with all the cats brought. Basically, if ever there was a party to dress in all red, white and blue, this would be it. Show off your patriotic flair for fashion and pull out all the stops for this traditional 4th of July affair.  

For the ladies:

Cute and casual is key for any backyard shindig in the summer, especially ones that revolve around good food and ice-cold beers. Your best bet is to wear something you feel comfortable moving around in, like a pair of women’s seersucker shorts and a stylish tank or a flowy, colorful dress (in red, white, and blue, of course). After all, you don’t want to have to forgo your title as reigning beer pong champ because you weren’t dressed to school the competition.

For the gents:

Keep things hot while manning the grill this 4th in a festive men’s polo shirt. Not only will the shirt’s classic fit have you looking good while flipping burgers, but you’ll also stay cool when the flames get high thanks to the breathable performance jersey fabric. These polos look great paired with some classic men’s chino shorts (or chino pants) in colors like khaki, navy and steel grey. It’s good to have a backup pair ready for when you inevitably spill ketchup on yourself, so you might as well get more than one pair, right?

mens swim trunks on surfboard

Seas the Day

Sometimes the best cure for those everyday stresses is a little fresh ocean air. Take to the water this Fourth of July with your #squad and spend the day relaxing portside while cracking open a few beers out on the high seas.

For the ladies:

Look like you belong on the water this July 4th by dressing in nautical blues and whites. A classic women’s button-down shirt tied at the waist is perfect for that whole ‘I woke up looking this good’ thing you’re going for. If you want something a little less ‘yacht life’ and a little more ‘I was born to sail,’ then stick with a pair of tried and true denim shorts and a women’s graphic T-shirt for a laid-back look. And, finally, if you’re just there for the rosé and a really good tan (yassss girl), then a pretty and stylish active dress with built-in sun protection over a blue-and-white seersucker bikini is the way to go.

For the gents:

Be ready for any impending waves when you set sail in a performance mens polo shirt that features UPF protection. Made from quick-drying fabric with moisture wicking technology, these men’s performance polos have your back no matter how rocky the seas may get. Pair one of these polo shirts with some lightweight, breathable men’s chino shorts and you’ll be looking like the captain of a ship (or pontoon boat).  Add a pair of Southern Tide’s bestselling Flipjack sandals- made for the boat with non-marking soles- and a mesh back men’s trucker hat and you’ll be ready to man the helm all day, but we suggest you drop anchor eventually to cool off in the water and enjoy some R&R.

However you choose to spend the holiday, Southern Tide has you covered. From family cookouts complete with awkward cousins and mayo-based salads to flag football on the sandy shores with lifelong friends, the 4th is fun no matter where you celebrate– as long as you’re doing it with the people that make you happy. We’ll help you relax into comfort (and style) this Independence Day. But don’t wait, the holiday will be here before you know it. Shop our men’s, women’s and kid’s Red, White and Tide shops for your 4th of July outfits today!


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