How To Dress Like A Gentleman

How To Dress Like A Gentleman

Just because your life revolves around adventures on the water doesn’t mean that you can’t dress like a gentleman. No, we’re being serious. You don’t need to give up your favorite swim trunks or your chill vacation clothes to start dressing better.

Dressing like a gentleman is about having a refined sense of style while still dressing true to who you are. In other words, if you don’t want to wear a pretentious morning suit and pocket watch, then don’t (besides, only David Beckham can get away with that anyway). If you believe that dressing like a gentleman means that you need to look exactly like the Planters Peanut man, we’d like to politely squash that notion.

Instead, you should focus on elevating your sense of style by making it sharper and more sophisticated. Not sure how to do that exactly?  Here are a few ways to start making better sartorial choices that level up your style game.

A Man in a Button Down and Khakis - Gentleman Fashion and Outfits from Southern Tide


  • Choose Quality Over Quantity

  • The refined gentleman never wastes money on poorly-made clothes, no matter what size his budget. Poorly-designed clothing isn’t just cheap-looking, it can actually end up costing you more in the long-term.

    If you buy clothes that don’t make it through the year, that’s both time and money you’re wasting by shopping for new clothes again each season. Besides, poorly-made clothes rarely fit right and simply don’t do your keen sense of style justice–and we know you have style hiding in there somewhere.

    Although high-quality clothing can sometimes be an investment, it’s also built to last. Think about it: Wouldn’t you rather have that one striped polo shirt that’ll make you look incredible for years to come over two or three of the itchy version you can buy at a big box store and that will start to fall apart within weeks? We rest our case.

  • Fill Your Closet with Versatile Pieces

  • Want to simplify your life, dress better and save money? Nope, this isn’t a gimmick or late-night infomercial. Just start building your wardrobe with classic menswear essentials that you can wear for a variety of occasions.

    Not sure where to start? Do yourself a huge favor right now and begin stocking up on the following essentials: a few pairs of men’s khaki chino pants, several pairs of blue jeans, a quality polo shirt, some button-down shirtsand a classic blue blazer.

    With these pieces, you can create a slew of outfits that look stylish and put-together. Best of all, you’ll never need to worry about them going out of style.

    A Man in Southern Tide Khaki Shorts and a Cotton Polo - Gentleman Fashion and Style


  • Focus on the Fit

  • When it comes to dressing like a gentleman, fit is everything. Your well-made clothes will do nothing for your style if they don’t fit right.

    This is especially the case with certain pieces. Case in point: Khaki chino pants. Unless you want to look exactly like Jake from State Farm (no offense to Jake), your khaki chinos need to fit properly with just the right amount of snug. 

    Tip: Finding a good tailor can make a world of difference in both your style and your confidence. Start asking your friends for recommendations and don’t be surprised if your life is forever changed by simply having your tailor on speed-dial.

  • Find Pieces That Work for You

  • It can be tough to find stylish clothing that keeps pace with your active lifestyle. Sweat stains on your nice, button-down shirt? Not a good look for the guy who’s trying to dress like a gentleman.

    We know the struggle all too well. Lucky for you, though, our long-sleeved sports shirts are designed to perform and check off all the boxes for business casual attire. Lightweight, breathable and designed with quick-dry features, these performance shirts transition effortlessly from the office to a spontaneous adventure on the water. 

    A Man in a Southern Tide Plaid Button Down and Khaki Pants


  • Pick the Right Accessories

  • Once you’ve built up your wardrobe with menswear essentials, it’s time to add some sartorial finesse and a hint of personality to your look. The right accessories can instantly take your entire outfit to another level, while the wrong ones can do the exact opposite.

    If you wear button-down shirts to work, spruce them up with preppy bow ties and pocket squares for a refined, gentlemanly look. Just avoid the one cardinal rule: Don’t match your pocket square to your tie or bow tie.

    Another simple way to upgrade your look is by choosing accessories that serve a practical purpose. Always losing track of time? Splurge on a high-quality watch that matches your active coastal lifestyle (just make sure that it’s waterproof). Attending a wedding on the windy coast? Keep your tie in place with a fancy bar tie.


    The Bottom Line

    As you can see, dressing like a gentleman is less about specific styles and more about finding timeless pieces that make you look and feel good. Once you find clothes that work as hard as you do, the only thing left to do is act the part. 


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