5 Theme Party Ideas for Adults

5 Theme Party Ideas for Adults

Throwing a memorable party for adults is honestly an underrated art form. On top of decorating, building a party playlist and crafting a delicious and creative menu, there’s also the not-so-simple matter of choosing an epic theme for your celebration.

Wait a minute- did you think that theme parties were just for kids? Au contraire. With so many adults stuck in mind-numbing 9-5 jobs and bogged down by daily responsibilities, a little escapism is exactly what they’re looking for—and who better to give it to them but you, the party-planner extraordinaire?

To help you throw an epic bash, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite party theme ideas for adults. Try one of these themes on for size and get ready to host a memorable event that your friends won’t stop talking about.

1. Country Club Theme Party

Who doesn’t love the idea of sipping daiquiris on a private country club veranda, enjoying the gentle breeze after a long day of hitting the green on a luxury golf course? With a country club theme party, you can make guests feel like they’re part of an exclusive club, only without all the stuffy rules or exorbitant cost that comes with the real thing.

Country Club Theme Party Ideas for Adults:

Tie a sweater around your shoulders. A throwback style to the classic prepsters of the ’80s, the carefully-tied sweater look will fit right in at any country club theme party. For the guys, it’s commonly paired with a polo shirt or a casual button-down shirt and khaki shorts. 

Wear preppy dresses. For the ladies, we recommend wearing preppy dresses in pastel colors, stripes, or a seersucker fabric. Another style option: A tennis skirt paired with a well-fitting women’s polo shirt and a white visor (tennis racket optional).

Play indoor golf. Invest in an indoor putting game and let everyone practice their golf skills. Pro Tip: If you’re throwing a birthday party for a golf enthusiast, you can let them keep the game as a gift.

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  • 2. Favorite Sports Team Party

  • Sports fans are always begging for an excuse to display their team spirit—especially during the off-season. By hosting a favorite team party, you can give everyone the chance to wear their favorite collegiate apparel and show off their best game day outfits in style. 

    With a sports theme party, you can go all out with your wardrobe. For the guys, you can’t go wrong with a team jersey and face paint. And if you want to be the star of all your friends’ Instagram posts, come to the party with a team flag draped over your shoulders (because you’re a champion, obviously).

    For the ladies, consider dressing in an oversized jersey, belted at the waist, and retro athletic knee socks. Don’t forget to wear a sweatband and wristbands to signal to everyone that you mean serious business in the beer pong tourney.

    Favorite Team Theme Party Ideas for Adults:

    Set up a bar cart. Make your team party more spirited by stocking a bar cart with fun drinks. Consider serving your guests beverages with creative titles like a “hail mary” (bloody mary) or come up with your own unique drink and give it a fun, fitting name. Don’t forget the beer!

    Pile on the game day meats. BBQ pork, slow cooker ribs, bacon-wrapped shrimp—if you’re a football fan, then you know the drill. Add in a 7-layer dip and chips for everyone to snack on while the grill master does his or her work!

    Hold a best-dressed contest. Give guests the chance to go all out with their team spirit by holding a contest for the best-dressed fan. The winner gets a sports-related gift card of their choosing. Don’t be surprised to see some face paint or body paint if you go this route.

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        3. Lumberjack Party

        Best for fall and winter seasons, a lumberjack theme is always a hit for adult parties. The guys will love this theme because it gives them the chance to finally live out their fantasy of dressing like a burly outdoorsman who’s ready to split some wood. 

        If you have a thing for plaid, rustic elements, and woodland creatures, a lumberjack theme party will be right up your alley.

        Lumberjack Theme Party Ideas for Adults:

        Embrace the plaid. Channel your inner lumberjack by dressing in a plaid button-down shirt. Pair it with dark wash jeans and a knit beanie for a stylish yet undeniably woodsy vibe. “Lumber Jills” can dress the part while still looking stylish by opting for a plaid shirt-dress or stylish quilted vest.

        Evoke cozy fall vibes. If you’re hosting your party in the fall or winter, keep guests warm by providing fur-lined blankets, hot cider, and homemade chili. Bonus points if you add a bonfire to the mix.

        Add woodsy elements. Use cut logs as décor and place lanterns around for the perfect rustic décor. Light a pine-scented candle or two to really evoke the feeling of being out in the woods.

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            4. Pajama Party

            If you haven’t experienced a pajama party as an adult, you’re seriously missing out. Staying up late with friends, eating pizza, and watching scary movies—it’s like taking the best parts of your childhood and reliving them with all the adult perks - like wine.  

            Pajama Theme Party Ideas for Adults:

            Splurge on a new set of PJs. First things first: Get yourself new pajamas so you don’t embarrass yourself by showing up in a ratty old t-shirt. Look, we know it’s comfortable, but it’s not a look you want others to remember you in, For the guys, we suggest a cozy pair of men’s lounge pants and a soft t-shirt. For the ladies, check out our women’s loungewear sets and grab something you won’t be afraid to get tagged in on Instagram later. .

            Build a blanket fort. Do it, you know you want to. Throw up some white Christmas lights and build the most epic fort your kid-self could only ever dream about.

            Indulge in sweet treats. Set up a candy station with all the most popular movie theater candies you can think of. And make sure there’s ice cream, lots of ice cream.

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                5. Luau Theme Party

                “I don’t feel like going to a luau,” said no one in the history of ever. That’s because luau theme parties promise good food, good friends and, above all, an insanely good time.

                So, why not bring the spirit of aloha to your party by throwing a luau for your guests? You can greet them with leis when they arrive at your home in true Hawaiian fashion. 

                Luau Theme Party Ideas for Adults:

                Prepare an impressive feast. The word luau is Hawaiian for “feast,” so you better be ready to bring your A-game with the food. We’re talking kalua pork (you can skip the underground pig roast and use a slow cooker recipe instead), rice, poke and shave ice.

                Party poolside. If you have a pool, you’ll definitely want to make it the venue for your luau. You can bring out the tiki torches and set the mood with garden lights and tropical décor. Other great additions include a ukelele, pineapples, and of course, leis. 

                Don aloha attire. Remember to tell your guests to come dressed in tropical attire and to bring their favorite swimwear. For the guys, that means a Hawaiian shirt (we suggest a men’s short sleeve button-down in a fun pattern that you can wear again), a pair of khaki shorts and a pair of men’s swim shorts. For the ladies, we recommend a colorful, printed dress that can double as a coverup for their bikini bathing suits.

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                    Throwing a Party to Remember

                    Truthfully, the hardest part of throwing an epic party is coming up with a memorable theme. Once you’ve settled on a theme, figuring out all the other details becomes fairly simple.

                    If you want to choose a theme that will be loved by all, you can’t go wrong with these adult party themes. Don’t forget to start building hype for your celebration with themed invites. Party on!


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