8 Easy Ways to Wear a Striped Polo Shirt

8 Easy Ways to Wear a Striped Polo Shirt


Polo shirts have been a staple in men’s closets for decades. They’re comfortable, practical and can easily be dressed up or down. While striped polo shirts may feel intimidating at first, they’re surprisingly easy to wear. If you’re stumped on how to style a striped men’s polo shirt, check out the eight easy outfit ideas below. 



How Do You Wear a Striped Polo Shirt?

If you’re new to wearing prints, a striped polo shirt is a perfect place to start. Start with a polo with only two colors, and branch out to a three-color pattern as you begin to feel more confident in your polo-styling abilities. In general, stick to thinner stripes, which are more flattering than thicker ones.


Polo Shirt & Jeans

If you’ve never worn a printed polo before, pairing it with jeans is a great place to start. To avoid looking too much like a dad, go with a slim-leg pair of jeans in a light to medium wash. Leave your polo untucked and complete the look with crisp white sneakers.


Polo Shirt & Khaki Shorts

To create the ultimate preppy outfit, pair your polo shirt with khaki shorts. For serious summer vibes, top off the outfit with a pair of sunglasses and sneakers or boat shoes. To avoid having your preppy look come off too literal, leave your polo untucked and ditch the belt.



Polo Shirt & Joggers

Athleisure outfits are everywhere these days. You can still take part in the trend while staying true to your preppy style. Pairing your polo with track pants or joggers draws on the polo shirt’s athletic roots. As the name suggests, polos were traditionally worn during 19th-century polo matches.

They’ve also been worn by tennis players for decades. To stay true to the polo shirt’s sporty past, finish the outfit with sneakers. Leave the polo untucked and a few buttons unbuttoned.


Polo Shirt & Chinos

For an easy first date outfit that shows off your style, wear a striped polo with a pair of chinos. To create a smart-casual look, go with a pair in a neutral color like grey or navy. Tuck your polo in and pair with a matching belt and leather shoes.

To create a more laid-back look, leave the polo untucked and opt for a pair of canvas sneakers or loafers. Choose khaki pants— or ones with a fun pop of color— to add a more preppy feel.


Polo Shirt & White Pants

The father of polo shirts, Rene Lacoste, was known for wearing his polos with crisp white pants during tennis matches. Today, the combination feels timeless, sophisticated, and classically preppy. For a sporty tennis-inspired look, wear a polo with a white background. Tuck it in and add a belt. Finish the look with canvas sneakers.

To create a more European feel, go sockless in a pair of loafers or boat shoes. Leave your polo untucked and cuff your pants to look even more yacht-ready.



Polo Shirt & Trousers

The beauty of polo shirts is that they are easy to dress up and down. Choose polos with smaller stripes in subtler colorways when creating more formal looks.  For an office-appropriate outfit that’s perfect for casual Friday (or any day of the week in business casual offices), wear your striped polo with trousers. Tuck in your shirt and wear a matching leather belt and loafers. Leave just the top button undone.


Leather Jacket

While polos are typically worn for more preppy outfits, they can also be styled with more urban clothing. To create a streetwear-inspired look, try wearing your polo untucked under a leather jacket. Stick to simple slim-leg jeans and a pair of neutral sneakers or ankle boots.


Polo Shirt & Casual Suit

Play on traditional tailoring by swapping a conventional button-up for a casual men’s polo shirt. Nearly anything can be paired with a good black, navy, or grey suit, and a striped polo is no exception. The look is ideal for a nice dinner or casual wedding.

Pick a neutral colored sportscoat in a relaxed fabric like cotton or linen. Avoid structured wool suits that clash with the casual fabric of a polo. Add leather loafers, a belt, and a nice watch. Tuck your shirt in for more formal occasions.



Now that you’ve got plenty of outfit ideas grab your favorite striped Southern Tide polo shirt and get to work! Our best-selling polos use 4-way stretch fabric and moisture-wicking technology that ensures you stay comfortable, no matter how you choose to style them.


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